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The Personal Injury Lawyer You Want On Your Case

Ted is the founder of Boardwalk Law Firm and handles all of the firm’s Personal Injury and Wrongful Death cases. Since 2008 he has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of clients injured as a result of automobile accidents, aviation accidents, defective products, and a myriad of other negligent acts. Every accident presents a unique set of facts that he is willing to thoroughly analyze to get the best possible outcome for you. 

Ted’s litigation and negotiation skills are second only to his compassion and dedication to his clients. Recognizing the importance of maintaining close contact with his clients, he spends much of his day in meetings. He listens, advises and tries to ensure that his clients understand the law and that he understands how their lives have been affected by their injuries. He prides himself on the fact that he has established a respected reputation with both insurance companies and defense lawyers and that the firm is well known for their “fight to the end” focus on ensuring justice for its clients.

While he is aggressive in representing his clients in a court of law or negotiation, his approach to the business of law is personal. He understands that the firm’s clients entrust him with the utmost responsibility to protect their future. This relationship is one that must be based on earned respect and trust, and he takes pride in knowing that most of the firm’s clients have been recommended by prior clients.


Car Accidents Injury Lawyer Certificate
Car Accidents Injury Lawyer Certificate
Car Accidents Injury Lawyer Certificate


Dealing with a serious injury or the loss of a loved one in an accident, can be exhausting, intimidating, and confusing. You may not be aware of all your legal rights or potential sources of income. Insurance companies have unlimited resources to invest in minimizing or completely denying your claim. A personal injury attorney can help investigate your claim and advocate for your rights so that you receive the maximum amount you are entitled to. They will also investigate all sources of income, some of which you may not even be aware. 

An Insurance Research Council study indicates that when you hire a lawyer for your personal injury case, you recover much more than you would on your own, even after the legal fees.

Your case depends on the extent and types of damages you are entitled to, which are the losses and/or expenses you incurred because of the accident. These may include:

Medical bills (doctor, hospital, surgery, diagnostics, therapy, prescriptions, etc.)
Lost wages
Pain and suffering
Physical disability, disfigurement, or permanent scars
Emotional trauma or mental anguish
Loss of enjoyment of life
Mental disability
Property damage
Other expenses incurred due to injury

There are four elements to determine if personal Injury claim exists:

1) The defendant, or “at-fault” person had a duty to exercise reasonable care to avoid hurting others or causing an accident;
2) The defendant did not behave in a manner to demonstrate care;
3) The defendant’s actions were the proximate cause of the accident;
4) The injury caused actual damages.

We are able to settle most personal injury claims with the insurance company out of court. However, if no settlement can be reached with the other party, the case may go to trial.

Be completely honest‚ even if some of the facts are not favorable to you. This will help provide an accurate estimation of your chances of winning. And, it will not help your case to claim something that isn’t true, as the facts usually come out eventually.
Be on time and prepared for appointments with all relevant information or documentation.
Take your attorney’s advice.


Be patient; 
Legal matters require time and research;
No lawyer can guarantee a particular outcome.

The most important thing is to take care of yourself. If you need immediate care, call 911. Do not refuse medical attention. Even if you don’t think you are hurt, you may want to see your doctor after the accident, and do what s/he tells you.
At the accident scene, call the police and your insurance company.
If you can, gather as much evidence, including photographs, video, documents, etc. If you are impaired, ask a friend or family member to help you do this.
Do not admit fault. Stay calm and be civil to the other driver. It’s fine to ask if they are OK, or even to offer assistance if needed, but refrain from using language like, “I’m sorry,” or “It was my fault.”
Do not discuss the accident or give a statement to the insurance company or attorney for the other driver. Instruct them to call your insurance company or your attorney.
Do not post anything on social media about your accident. What you say can be used against you.
Call us to discuss your claim.

Insurance adjusters may call you to obtain information to use against you in a trial or settlement. They may offer to pay your medical bills, which only means they believe they are liable, and trying to convince you to for a fraction of the money you are rightfully owed.
Do not speak with the insurance company or attorney for the other driver. Refer the adjuster to your insurance company or your attorney.